Zuzie with a Z

Hi! My name is Zuzie, that’s right, it’s spelt with a Z! This is my great, great, great, great…. You know what, imma’ just say grandma’s diary. It had her name on the front but the pages were empty, so I’m gonna write my phenomenal, yet horrible life in this dairy! First things you need to know is that i have horrible parents! They get me to do the work in the house, I’M ONLY 8 AND ALREADY KNOW HOW TO THE LAUNDRY FOR CRYING OUT LOUD! Okay, my hands are starting to get tired so this is all I can write about so far, so goodnight diary!

to be continued…


One thought on “Zuzie with a Z

  1. Belle Patie,

    I’m very impressed that you know how to do the laundry (although, is it REALLY that hard to turn on a washing machine???).

    I was interested to hear what else you may have done in your 8 years. I’m sure it’s not all horrible…. is it? You’ve got lots of years to come too, so hopefully your next few decades will be phenomenally good.

    Michelle, Team 100wc
    Melbourne, Australia

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